Monday, March 22, 2010

Sending Sunshine Tip Sheet

Here are my tips for my new set, Sending Sunshine.

The Large Daffodils

The size of the large daffodil image makes it perfect for coasters, candles and etchings.

Stamp the image an extra time and cut out the flower portion to pop up on your card or project.

Combine them with the lavender for a bouquet.

Use the large daffodil as a subtle background image, with the smaller daffodils popped up as a focal image.

The Fawn

Use the fawn with the tree and small daffodils for a spring meadow scene.

Combine with foliage images from sets like Winter Foliage and have the fawn “hidden” in the foliage the way they would be in nature.

Use the “reflection technique” to make twin fawns, or place the fawn in front of a small pond.

Use with the deer silhouette from Life is Good

The Wisteria Tree

Use flower soft to give the flower clusters a bit of texture.

Use it as a focal image, or part of a scene.

If stamped in a lighter ink and lightly colored, you can make it look more distant.

Color the flower clusters to look like the surrounding foliage to make them disappear, for a fall, or non spring card.

Wisteria flowers come in many colors, most frequently lavender, pink, white and blue.

The Lavender

There are two lavender images included in the set. One is line drawn for coloring, and the other is a silhouette.

Use either image along with the large daffodils to create a bouquet. Stamp the daffodils first, then mask it and stamp the lavender. Or stamp the daffodils, then add a cut out image of the daffodils.

The silhouette lavender can be used for thumping, stamping with bleach, poppin’ pastels, or any of your favorite bold image techniques.

The Tire Swing, Bench, Bird Bath and Small Daffodils -

Use as part of a scene, with the tree.

Use them as the main focal image.

Use them to make inchies.

Attach the tire with twine, so it can actually swing, like Melanie did. (see this post)

The Sentiments

On the “sending you sunshine: and “all our love” stamps, try inking the largest word in a different color.

Add the “a little late” sentiment to birthday or occasion cards, when you know there are going to be late.

Project Ideas -



Decorate Easter Baskets

Make tags for Mother’s day gifts, like Pot Pourri

Decorate your Easter table with place setting cards, menus and luminaries.

Cutting Suggestions -

Here is how I cut out my set. I like to follow straight lines between images whenever I can, and cut them into sections, before cutting individual stamps.

I started by making a nearly straight horizontal cut in the middle, just above the sentiments.

Then a straight cut down, between the bench and tire swing, and a slight diagonal cut between the lavender and large daffodils.

Once it was cut into "fourths" the bench and birdbath were the only images that required "L" shaped cuts. The rest are easy to just do straight cuts to separate the images. After they are all separated, I go back and trim away the extra rubber.


La'Diva said...

Thanks so much for this entry. It is very helpful. I love the idea suggestions and the cards. Your work is awesome!

Vicki Dutcher said...

Sure wish I had this 2 days ago when I struggled with cutting!! LOL

naneruth said...

I so like your cutting out the stamp directions. It is very very helpful. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. Love your work.

Cynthia said...

Thanks for the cutting tip!

Banu said...

Just wanted to say thanks for providing us with these cutting tips. This helped me so much to cut it out. Thanks :D