Thursday, June 19, 2008

Firefox Tip

Recently I switched from Internet Explorer to Firefox. One thing I really missed from IE was the ability to set more than one home page, so that when my browser opens, several tabs to sites I visit every day open.

I now know how to do that in Firefox. It is actually very easy.

Just open tabs to any sites you want to open every day. (I have tabs for Gmail, MSN, Google Reader and Cash Crafters (my other site). I probably should add SCS and a few other.

Click on Tools

Click on Options

Click on Main

Click on "Use Current Pages"

Click on Ok

I bet just about everyone out there already figured this one out. But in case there are any of you out there, floundering about like me, I hope this helps.


Rachel said...

Oh thank you! I had been wondering how to do this and hadn't figured it out. thanks!

Rhonda L said...

You can also right click on a bookmarked page and click "open in a new tab." Firefox is a much better choice for a web browser! Wise decision.

passionstamper a/k/a debbie vg said...

great tip! I didn't know how to do this...thanks!