Friday, June 6, 2008

Burnt Trees and Emboss Resist Parchment Technique

I created this card for Allison's Suggestive Sunday challenge. The challenge this week is to burn paper. In my ongoing quest to find uses for parchment paper, I stumbled across a new technique that I am calling Emboss Resist Parchment Technique.

I was trying to emboss and sponge on parchment paper (the kind you cook with), which is a pain, because it really is not absorbent paper at all. I had it looking pretty good, but then I decided to crinkle the paper a bit and the embossing lifted right up.

I thought the effect looked pretty good so I will share the process with you.

I started by crinkling the parchment. I wanted the folds to pick up extra color, but this is not a necessary step. Next ink the stamp with Versa Mark and heat emboss. I used clear embossing powder, but the color shouldn't matter since it will peal up later anyway.

Next, add color by sponging with ink. When you are happy with the color (it will be fairly light because the parchment won't accept ink well), then hold the paper and start flexing or crinkling it a bit. You will see the embossing start to lift. Just keep tweaking it until it all comes up. You may need to gently scrape a few bits off with your finger nail or a craft knife.

The finished effect is very similar to embossing on regular paper and then sponging, but you wind up without having a raised image and the parchment has a cool translucent look that I like.


Allison said...

Awesome job Theresa and great technique write up! I so think using LAAT is perfect here! Thanks for playing!

Erica B. said...

That is a cool technique! Thanks for the tips!

A said...

Great technique. Wondering how well it would work with vellum... I have loads of parchment. And I am going to try it this weekend.
Allison L

Ila said...

What a Fabulous card and an awesome technique...TFS!!