Sunday, September 9, 2007

Get Traffic to Your Craft Site

Possibly the most difficult part of creating an online craft business is getting traffic to your craft site. So many new webmasters give up shortly after creating their site due to poor or no traffic. If you have taken the time to start a new craft business online, I hope you don't give up too soon. It can take months to get your site found by search engines and even longer to rise in the ranks to the point that you start seeing significant traffic to your online craft site.

If you are in a traffic slump, or just want to improve your traffic, take some time to try some of the tips listed below.

Generate quality inbound links - Links from highly ranked craft websites make your site look better to search engines and can boost your ranks. In addition to improving your page rank, those inbound links can bring viewer to your online craft business. Find sites that rank high in key word searches that relate to yours and request a link exchange.

Quality craft information - Add original new craft articles to your site. Make sure to include your key words in the articles. Adding new content to your craft website will not only make your website more appealing to viewers, but encourage those viewers to stay on your site longer. By having more relevant craft content on your site and having viewers stay longer, traits that search engines love, your craft site will likely see a boost in rank and traffic.

Participate in forums - Join forums with members that are in your target market. Become an active, valuable member and people will follow your signature link to your online craft store.

Submit articles to publishers like Ezine - is an article submission site that you can submit craft articles to. Write craft articles that relate to your own craft market. You are allowed to include links to your site if it is relevant to your article or you can put it in your resource box. This is a good way to improve your page rank with more links to your site and also to generate traffic from viewers that follow your link.

Practice good SEO techniques - Search engines are looking for sites that are completed, are easily navigable, have quality inbound links and, above all, have lots of highly relevant craft related content. Review your site and make sure it is search engine friendly. Check for broken links be sure every page is no more that two clicks away from your home page.

Tell your friends - If you have an online caft business don't keep it a secret. Tell your friends. If they like it they will tell others. And so on...

Be patient. Success takes time.

I hope these tips help and wish you great crafty success.



Glass Lady said...

Thank you, your site seems to have alot of useful information needed by others. I have learned a few things and am looking forward to more posts.

Theresa said...

Thanks, Glass Lady. That's nice to hear.