Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Crafting For Dumb Luck

Okay, how many people do you think get online and search for hand crafted products like you make? Probably not too many. Another question: For the most part, who do you think is browsing around on Etsy? Mostly other crafters selling their crafts, right?

So, when you make a sale of a craft product from your online store, do you think somebody deliberately set out to find it? Or do you think it more likely that someone stumbled upon your product and couldn't resist? Lets face it, unless you have promoted your online craft store, it was probably dumb luck.

Most people that start a search using Google or Yahoo or some other SE are typically looking for information. That is why I stress promoting your website so much. If you're happy living with those kind of dumb luck results that's great. If you want more you're going to have to find ways to get more dumb luck.

By combining an online craft store with a blog or website (preferably both) you have the opportunity to create more dumb luck opportunities. Every time you make a post on your blog you can ping sites like Technorati. If the title is interesting enough people will click on it. Once they are on your they will find pictures of your crafts and of course a link to your online craft store.

A website offers the same opportunity to send viewers to your store. Write pages about your crafts, write tutorials, write about craft supplies and other useful websites and blogs. If viewers get valuable information on your site they will like and be more likely to purchase your crafts.

So get busy, promote and create your dumb luck.

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