Friday, September 7, 2007

Etsy - A Virtual Craft Paradise

Etsy is to crafters as Amazon is to book sellers. A relative newcomer on the Internet scene, Etsy has taken the online craft world by storm. But what is Etsy? It is a virtual craft fair, where venders can set up stalls (online shops) and sell their crafts. Is it really as easy as that? Pretty much, yes!

If you are a crafter looking to sell your products, Etsy might be the perfect fit for you. Simply go to and register to set up a shop. Registration is free and easy. There is a small fee of 20 cents per item listed and an additional 3.5% fee for each sale you make.

You can upload your own banner to use on your store and you may also include up to five images for each craft item you list. Listings may stay in place for 4 months. If they are not sold by that time they must be re-listed. You may also include a product description for each craft item listed.

This is a relatively easy way for crafters to get their feet wet in the world of ecommerce. With nearly cost free commitment, you could start selling your crafts online. This can be a real confidence builder if you are a beginner, who is interested in starting your own craft website, but aren't quite ready to make that large of a leap.

Many crafters start with an Etsy shop and go on to start a website or blog to promote their shop. Eventually, many of those will continue to develop their websites so that they may sell their crafts directly from their websites.

Regardless of your goals, whether you just want to sell a few craft products or launch a large online craft business, Etsy may be just to tool you need to get started.

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