Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Special at Gina K Designs

Hello. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Gina K Designs is having a really great sale for today only. Be sure to check it out. All the details are in the image.

Can I ask a favor?
On another topic, I want to ask a favor to any of you that have a Twitter account. Camp Cocker Rescue is a rescue group I've been following and donating to whenever I get a chance. They save so many cocker spaniels that are dumped in high kill shelters. They rescue the dogs, give them medical care and boarding and find them new forever homes. Right now they have a chance to win $7,000 dollars in a Twitter contest, but they need your help.  At last count they were in 6th place and behind by about 300 votes.

Here are the details Camp Cocker posted about the contest...

Camp Cocker Rescue has a chance to win $7,000 and we need YOU to help us get there! The Jason Dubus Heigl Foundation does such incredible things to support animal rescue. Right now, they are having a Twitter contest that ends at 5pm (PT) on November 29th. The rescue group that sends the most supporters to follow them on Twitter has a chance to win $7,000!

If you don't have a Twitter account, it is free to start one at Hey, while you are joining Twitter, please "follow" Camp Cocker! (when you click "follow" to someone, that is similar to a "Like" on Facebook).

Once you are on Twitter, then go to the Jason Dubus Heigl Foundation Twitter page: Then click on "FOLLOW" so that you can begin to follow them (and they do so much to support animal rescue, it would be great for all of our supporters to continue to follow them). Then, the MOST IMPORTANT STEP, is for you to Tweet the following message: (your twitter account name) is following @JasonHeiglFound on behalf of @CampCocker We may be a small little rescue, but can we pull together and try to get the word out so we can get as many votes as possible for Camp Cocker? There is so much need and Camp Cocker Rescue is such a small struggling rescue group. Please show your support and help us to win this contest! Thank you to the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation for all of their support of the rescue community! Here is a link to where the contest rules are posted: Jason Debus Heigl Foundation Rescue Challenge

I'm hoping I have enough followers who Twitter, that we can give them a little bump and move them into first place. The contest ends on Tuesday, so you can stop following the foundation after the contest is over later in the week. 

Thank you so much! Have a great day.


alex said...

I love spaniels, and at the moment live with a mad Tibetan spaniel called Gandalf and for a long lost friend who was a cocker spaniel called Charlie, and also as you asked so nicely :) I have signed up to twitter and am following Camp Cocker!

Luanne said...

I love dogs! Before I was married under my parents home, we have 4 dogs and love them all, they are mixed breed of Shih Tzu. I have followed @JasonHeiglFound and @campcocker on twitter

Susan said...

Best of luck with the contest. I have signed up to twitter and am following JasonHeiglFound on behalf of @CampCooker.