Saturday, January 31, 2009

Copic Storage

As most of you know, I got a bunch Copic markers for Christmas and my birthday this year.(Thanks Mom!) I immediately set my DH the task of making me a box to store them in and he finished it today. Yay!

Don't worry, this first picture is not what he made. This was my temporary solution. I took a gift box from Michaels and wrapping paper tubes, cut into segments, to create little compartments.

I really like having my markers sorted into color families. I had them all jumbled together at first and it drove me crazy. I thought I would show this so you could see the dramatic difference compared to my new storage.

Here is the box my husband made for me. I love it!!! There are 16 compartments, measuring 1.75 inches square. Each section will hold 9 markers (sketch) comfortably. So the total storage, if full, would be 144 sketch markers. Right now it is holding all 52 of my markers and several of my glitter and gel pens. Looks like I need more markers!

Another feature I wanted was a slide out cover for when I transport my markers. I go over to my sister's house a lot so we can stamp together and I want to be able to bring my Copics along. The cover slides in on groves that my DH made.

The other thing that I wanted was a handle to carry my case. We found this one at the local Ace Hardware store. It will lock into an upright position or lay flat.

Here is a look at what my stamping space looked like earlier today, before I got my new Copic storage. As you can see, I need to do more organizing. I don't like all that clutter and this is after I straightened up a bit.

When I first made that little shelving unit, my Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive fit on the middle shelf. Since then, they started making the bottles bigger and it doesn't fit anymore. All my ink pad slots are filled and I have more stacked on top.

I need to get to work building better shelving unit soon. I just placed an SU order for about 6 more ink pads and 21 refill bottles. Eek!

Here is what that little shelf looked like when I first made it last May. I only had a few ink pads at the time.

On the opposite side of my tiny little craft room is a table that is currently home to boxes of cards and my Gina K stamp sets. You can see I put my larger sets in the new storage cases, but I still need to label them. I am going to put some shelves above this table and arrange all my stamp sets on those. I need to get this table cleaned up so there is a space for my mom and sister when they come to visit.

I am making a serious effort to get organized and will show you pictures if when I get it done.

Thanks for looking. Have a happy Sunday!


Anonymous said...

I love to see how other stampers use their craft space. It gives me ideas for my "mess!"

Jane Izumi Matsumoto said...

What a wonderful box for all of your Copics! I love the handle on top of it!! I need to find a way to get organized in my craft room. I make such a mess when I stamp. Of course I know where everything is but if someone else were to walk in on it, I'm sure it would look like mayhem! :)

6 wacky women said...

Fabulous box your DH made.Love the design, such a great idea. Don't ya just love handy men!! Saves so much money...more $ to buy stamps!

I try hard to stay organized. My DH is making me a paper storage unit. I keep all my papers in pizza boxes(unused ones of The boxes will be separated, instead of sitting on top of each other.

Karen x

Shirley said...

I have to tell you, Theresa, that your space looks pretty neat to me. LOLOLOL

Cathy said...

Your hubby did a great job on the copic box. I really need something like that but I don't need to transport mine. Thanks for giving the dimensions, may have to see if my son can build me one. Have a great week-end!

Mary said...

Your husband certainly made a great looking box to store your copics in. Thanks for sharing the photos.


craftimamma said...

What a fab box your DH made you. Unfortunately, my Hubby is useless at DIY. He always says put a screwdriver in his hand and the house will fall down! Lol!

I love seeing photos of other people's craft spaces. I have to pinch the dining table and my huge stash is in the conservatory.


Chelsea said...

I love your new Copic box ... but I must say the wrapping paper tubes (I thought they were TP tubes) in a box was ingenious!!! I love all of your storage/organization ideas!!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it wonderful to have a talented husband who will build things we need? Mine is the same way, don't know what I'd do without him. Love your copic storage, he did a really nice job.

Etha said...

wow COOL storage for your copics :)

debra said...

Great hubby you have
wish mine was handy as i too go to my sisters house to have a card session together and end up carting loads of my stuff over there, once i dropped all my beads on the floor (lol) due to rubbish storage, love the fact that you can slide the cover on and carry it too well done DH, also thought your idea was a cunning one too
Debra xx

MaryNSC said...

O I think I realllllly LIKE his building.. Shared it with my Hubbie too..:O)
Thank U THank Your Hubbie to ...For sharing.

Lee said...

Ohhhhh so cool!!! I love the pics as now I can show hubby and FIL what to make for me!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Not sure if I'm more jealous of all the Copics you have or the lovely box your hubby made you!!! Looks great!!

Toni K said...

Great husband! Mine is do-it-yourself illiterate. He tries God bless him. Tell your hubby he is envied by all!

Catherine said...

Tell your hubby that he can sell this and it would be a hit :)
While i'm house hunting (still), I'll be able to moved to my brother's 3 bedroom house and i can't wait to transform one of the rooms as my craft room :) Thanks for the inspiration :)

Elena said...

Wow! What a wonderful box your husband made, Theresa!!!
Thank you for showing your craft space!