Monday, December 10, 2007

Xmas Cookie Exchange And Fun Snowman Treat

I went to a Cookie Exchange Party yesterday at my friend, Lori's house. This was the second year she has done this party and it was a lot of fun. Lori does such a lovely job decorating her house for the holidays and here I am without a decoration up yet.

As you can see by the picture there were a ton of cookies. Everyone brought about six dozen and then we all got several of each kind.

There were games and I actually won one. My prize were these two ceramic xmas candy dishes. So what was the game I won, you ask...

A candy can was suspended on a ribbon and tied around our waists. It was adjusted for each person so that it hung slightly below the opening of an empty water bottle, placed on the floor. The object was to get the candy cane in the bottle without using our hands.

Since it hung below the opening we had to stand on our tiptoes to get it in, all by moving our waists and wiggling this way and that. It made for a pretty entertaining game and we all had a good laugh at ourselves and each other. I am afraid I wiggled and jiggled some parts of me that haven't wiggled and jiggles in a long time.

One of the things Lori did was put together these cute little recipe books for each of us. All of the recipes of the cookies at the exchange are in the recipe book, so we can re-create any of our favorites.

This is the recipe book she put together for last year's exchange. She went to so much work to put these together and do all the work for the party and it was a real success. Thanks, Lori!

I just had to show you this cute little marshmellow snowman that was in our goodie bags (yes we got goodie bags, Lori doesn't mess around). It's two marshmellows on a wood skewer and dipped in white chocolate. She used little dots of black icing for the eyes, mouth and buttons and orange icing for the nose.

For those of your with young kids, I think this would make a great treat for your child's class party and something they could even help you make. Of course, for children you would want to use pop cycle sticks instead of skewers, or just pull the skewers out. I don't think teachers would appreciate sending the skewers as this could pose a safety issue for children.

Here is a closer photo, although the photo doesn't do justice to him. It came out a bit blurry.

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