Saturday, December 15, 2007

Free Craft Link Directory

I just created a new craft directory and wanted to let you know it's out there. It is a very simple directory for arts and craft sites only.

If you have a craft website or blog feel free to submit it to Craft Wiki World Directory. If you don't see a category for the subject of you site, just put in a request and I will create a new category.

This wasn't really something I planned to do, but I had a domain name I never got around to developing, so I thought this would be a good use for it. I am hosting it with a free host, so there may be occasional downtimes as is common with free hosts.

Just a few tips for submitting your site to directories:

Use keywords in the title - For example, if your site name is 'Janes Cool Crafts' your could enter that as the title, but if there are keywords you want your site to be found for, go ahead and add them in, like this: 'Janes Cool Crafts - Handmade Tote Bags.'

Make full use of the description box - Different directories have different maximum word amounts, but you should try to use as many words as they allow. This will make the inbound link to your site more relevant.

Consider deeplinking - Deeplinking is linking to a specific page on your site. This is a good way to help a specific page to get spidered and indexed more quickly and can improve page rank for the specific page. Not all directories allow this.

Capitalize on common mispellings - If there are common mispellings or words that may or may not use hyphens, include them in your description.

For a great list of directories you can submit to, visit Strongest Links. This is a very big list of web directories, some of which are paid and some are free.

Site Build It has a great link exchange program I like and they allow non SBI! sites to be included. It's called Value Exchange and although they allow you in, your site may be removed if it is not a high quality site.

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