Saturday, October 6, 2007

Boost Your Craft Income With Adsense

Are you getting the most out of your targeted craft traffic? How would you like to supplement your craft earnings?

If you have a craft website or blog that sees much traffic and you haven't monetized it yet, you could be losing money. Google Adsense is simple and easy to use and can generate a bit of spare cash to offset the costs of running your website.

If done right and on a website that generates a lot of traffic, Adsense can bring in more than just a bit. To use Adsense, you must first be approved by Google. They don't automatically accept you. Your site is reviewed and if approved you are notified by email.

A really good guide to setting up Adsense can be found here. Pay particular attention to the section, 'Ad Placement to Maximize Income,' in the table of contents. It is the last page and I think the most valuable in terms of making the most out of your ad program.

Even if you are already using Adsense, that last page is worth a read. It has some good tips on producing the best click through rates for your site.

If you are using Blogspot for your craft blog, there is a way to get your Adsense ads to show inside your posts, but it involves modifying your template. I found a pretty good tutorial for doing this here.

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