Saturday, October 20, 2007

Another Easy Christmas Card Tutorial

This one is a variation on the one I posted yesterday.

The photo above shows most of the materials you'll need, but I'll include a short list:

3 1 1/4" square white card stock

3 1 1/2" square red card stock

Holiday stamps


Blank card and envelope

24" metallic thread, yarn or ribbon

3 small red rhinestones

Cut the pieces of card stock and stamp images. I colored in the holy leaves with watercolor pencils and a water brush pen. Glue the rhinestones for the berries.

Adhere the white pieces to the red pieces.

Stamp your card and then add three small dots of double sided tape, evenly spaced on the card.

Start one end of the thread on one of the tape spots and guide the thread into loops by returning to the tape spot. Make two or three loops for each spot and then move to the next. Trim the thread when finished and make a final loop ending at the last tape spot.

Adhere the three pieces of card stock and you're done.


Anonymous said...

So cute!!! :o)

North Carolina

Theresa said...

Thanks Tamara. I'm glad you liked it.