Sunday, January 10, 2010

Purrr-fectly Delightful Tip Sheet

I've compiled a list of tips for my new stamp set, Purrr-fectly Delightful.

Teacup Kitty

Paper piece the teacup

Stamp a pattern or image on the teacup

Pop up the kitty

Pop up the flowers on the saucer

Cut out the kitty and use it with peeking from above a layer or other image

Frisky Kitty

Have the kitty play with the butterflies or small mouse

Use a piece of string or ribbon for the kitty to play with.

Place him outside and combine with nature stamps.

Mouse and shaker

Use this image with the teacup kitty and vase to make a table scene

You can stamp the image, and then cut away the mouse or salt shaker to use them individually.

You can ink up only the mouse or salt shaker to use them individually

Little Mouse

The little mouse can be used with the frisky kitty, or the teacup kitty.

Use it as a border along the bottom of a layer.

Use it to decorate an envelope or the back of a card.

Stamp multiple times to create custom pattern paper.

Stamp as an accent in nature scene or just a touch of whimsy in an obscure place on your card.

Daisy Vase

The daisies can be colored in a multitude of colors, for any season

Try stamping a second time and cutting out the flowers to pop them up.

Add flowers from other sets, like A Year of Flowers to fill out the arrangement.

Use the flowers only by either cutting them out, or leaving the vase un-inked.


Use the butterflies with either of the kitten images. The frisky kitty can “bat” at them.

Stamp as an accent for the daisy vase.

Use them in nature scenes

Use them with any floral images

Stamp in a random pattern to create your own pattern paper.

Sugar Bowl

Use it as part of a table top ensemble with the teacup kitty, vase and salt shaker.

Paper piece with pattern paper.

Leave the work “sugar” un-inked and turn it into a honey pot.

Use it with the “You’re Sweet” or “Happy Valentine’s Day” sentiments.

Combine with food/cooking stamp sets, like My Cuppa Joe, 100% Sweet or Have a Cookie.

Paw prints

Use the paw prints to create custom pattern paper.

Stamp them as a border around an image, or along the bottom of your card.

Create a cute border on your envelope, or dress up the inside of your card.

Cutting Suggestion

There is a straight horizontal line dissecting the rubber at about the halfway point. Cut into two pieces by following that line, as shown above.

Next, cut it into fourths, as shown. On the top section, you can make one straight cut up from the bottom, to near the top of the vase, then curve away from the vase until you reach the height of the flower. Then turn the rubber and cut from the other side until you reach your first cut line.

For the bottom section, cut straight up until you reach the handle of the teacup, then turn it around and cut from the top, making a curved cut to remove the teacup kitty.

For the upper right section (with the butterflies and sugar bowl), make two horizontal cuts as shown, to divide that section into manageable pieces.

On the bottom left section ( with the frisky kitty) cut from the top, between the two sentiments and angle down around the paw prints, as shown in the photo above.

Now all the remaining sections should be very easy to trim apart.

I hope these tips help. Thanks for stopping by!


Deanna said...

Thanks for the tips. It's nice to get tips on how to use the stamps. The tips on how to cut it apart are wonderful too- Gina should put these on her website for those ordering the stamps. The first time I got one of her stamps I was surprised at how close together they were and hard to cut apart! Your guide is wonderful!

Becky said...

Thanks for the tips. This is my next stamp set, I love this set.

naneruth said...

I love your tip sheets so much! They are such a big help and I love that you showed how to cut out. Thanks so much for all your extra work to do this. You are wonderful!

Lori said...

I haven't even finished reading the tips but this post seals the deal for me, off to order your new set!

Judy Covey said...

Great and very helpful tips. Thanks Theresa.

Betty Neville said...

Thanks so much for this Theresa! I just got my stamps today and will definitely use your wonderful
tips and your cutting guide!! : )

Deebi27 said...

Theresa, you are the bestest! If it's not a tutorial it's these great tips and cutting instructions. I have been watching that kitten and tea cup cards and I am in love with that stamp. I used to have cats and my hubby is allergic and can't stand them. This set would be the perfect set to make a card or 2 for my hubby...don't you think?????