Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Note Card Box Tutorial

I made this note card box and three inch note cards, using the Pun Fun stamp set, while I was visiting my sister over Easter and thought I would share with you how to make it.
Start with 6 1/2 by 10 inch sheet of Groovy Guava card stock. If you want to stamp the background now is the best time to do it. I used my sister's wheel. Sorry, I am not sure what it is called, but I am pretty sure it is retired.

If you do use a wheel, it is easier to go at a diagonal rather than straight up and down or across. Some of the swirl stamps like in Priceless or Friendship Blooms would make good back grounds for this step, if you don't have a wheel.

Now make score lines on the narrow side at 1/2, 1-1/2, 5 and 6 inches. Then on the wider side I scored at 2-1/4, 3-1/4, 6-3/4 and 7-3/4.

Next trim away the corners as shown and make the cut line to form the tabs. Then round the corners as shown. This is pretty hard to see in the smaller picture, so again, you may want to click on it for a larger version.

Now round the corners as indicated in the sketch.
Next, go ahead and make the folds on the score lines. Fold the tabs up and the sides in. Then fold the bottom up and make sure everything lines up as it should.

Make note of how high the bottom section comes up. You need to add very strong tape or glue to the sides, but don't let it extend up higher that the bottom section comes.

Go ahead and add the adhesive and assemble the box. You can add whatever you want to the top flap to decorate.
I layered a large square scallop in Chocolate Chip, then a 1 7/8 inch square with rounded corners, then a Purely Pomegranate scallop circle and finally a 1 1/2 inch circle stamped with a greeting from Lots of Thoughts.

To hold the flap down, I used a small square of Velcro. The Velcro was a bit strong, so I trimmed the fuzzy side and that made it open easier. Another option would be to use small magnets.

For the three inch cards inside, I used each of the stamps from Pun Fun, stamped on a 2 inch piece of Whisper White card stock.
I had to use a stamp positioner to get them lined up right, but I am sure some of you talented folks out there could do it by eyeing it.

The 2 inch stamped paper was then placed on a square scallop punched out using the large square scallop punch by Marvy (about 2-1/4 inches), and that was layered on top of another colored piece of card stock, cut 2-3/4 inches square.

I stamped the sentiments on the inside of the cards.

The box can hold 8 note cards with envelopes pretty easily and could probably handle up to 10 if you don't make cards with too many layers.

I liked Pun Fun for this project because it has 8 stamps in a variety of occasions. Another stamp set that would be great for this project is Greetings Galore.


Allison said...

Wow...love this idea! Those little note cards (esp. with that stamp set) are too cute!

Tiffany said...

Too cute!!!! I love this idea and will have to try it. TFS!!

suzann said...

This is such a cute project. You did a great job with it. Thanks for posting the tutorial!

The Crimson Moon said...

That is such a gorgeous box! And a great tutorial, I'm definitely going to have a go at one of these :)


Jami said...

Thanks for the great tut! I love making the little 3x3 note cards. I ended up making my own tut for envelopes, but have been looking for an easy box to make - this looks perfect!!

Brenda said...

this is a great idea for the box...I have alot of cute little stamps and forget to make the little cards...they are always great for tags...thanks, love your site and plan on following for more ideas...Brenda

Bernice said...

I love this! I hope you don't mind but I totally scraplifted this. I did post a link to your original along with my copy so everyone can see my inspiration. Thanks for sharing your talent.