Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More Ways to Promote Your Craft Website

I have been busy working on promoting my sites and thought I would share a list of sites you can use for your own link building campaign. The sites below are all relatively new to me (with the exception of Squidoo, which is excellent) and so I can't say how beneficial they will be. is very much like You can create a page about any topic you like. It could be a page specifically about your site or one about the craft of your choice, of course, including a link to your site or blog. This is another way to make your links count. Go here, create an account and add your site to an existing list. You can also start a new list. Very similar to Listible. You can search for an existing list and add your site or make one of your own. Each new addition gets a page of it's own. I created a list there that you can add your site to if you would like.

WhatAList - This is another list site. It is relatively new and I had to create a craft website list there, too. Once you create an account, you can add your site to the list here or you can create a new list.

On My List - Here is yet another list site. This one is a little different in that you are the only one that can edit you list. Try putting a top 5 list of something related to your niche and include your url (there is an option for that).

I think On My List might be a good one if you can make funny lists that will get a lot of attention.

About Us is a unique wiki site that is more like a website directory.

You can create an account there and enter your domain name in there search engine. If your site is not already part of their database, it will automatically create a new wiki page for it. Now if your site uses a sub-domain (ie you will have to go here to create an about us page. It is a great way to get a quality link back

The card above is one I made a few weeks ago. I used the acorn from Stampin' Up's All Natural set (retired) and the square stamp from the same set. I first stamped the square stamp in a yellow ochre ink and then lightly went around the edges with a brown ink.

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