Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Few Crafty Projects

A Valentine Candy Holder

My sister showed me how to make these. She gave everyone one for Christmas and hung them on the tree like ornaments. She filled them with Lindor truffles.

I did this one with a Valentine look. I used the heart stamp from my Stampin' Up Priceless set to decorate the tag and the small swirl stamp to create a background image on the paper.

I think this would make a cute gift for co-workers or even for you kids' friends at school.

This is a pretty simple craft project to make and you could even let your kids help. If you would like a tutorial, I have written one up on my website. You can see it Here.

Criss Cross Box - Note Card Holder

I really love the criss cross cards and got an idea to make a box using the same design. I wanted to make it so that I could use it to hold cards, so that is how I chose the dimensions.

I wrote up a tutorial for this one, as well. You can see it Here. Once again I put my Stampin' Up Priceless set to use to embellish this project.

After I made mine, I decided I couldn't be the first person to have the idea to do this and sure enough there are others out there. Nicole at Capture the Moment has a nice guide to making a smaller version of the criss cross box on her blog.

Let me know if the tutorial is understandable. Sometimes I re-read what I have written and realize I am leaving key elements out. Have fun and happy crafting.

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