Thursday, December 16, 2010

Funky Pink Tree

Well, they can't all be winners, can they? I don't like how this card turned out, but I decided to torture my poor readers with it anyway. It helps if you squint. LOL.

 To start, I punched out a circle from a sticky note and used the note as a mask. Then I sponged Memento Cantaloupe ink in the circle.

 I removed the first mask and then used the circle I had cut out to mask off the sponged circle on my background. Then I sponged Memento Angel Pink.

 Next, I sponged Memento Rose Bud, started from the edges.

Then sponged Memento Paris Dusk. 

 I stamped the tree, from The Giving Tree, using Stazon Black.

 I used torn sticky notes to mask the top and sponged Memento Paris Dusk along the bottom.

Then I stamped the little trendy circles at the tips of all the branches, using Memento Rose Bud ink. I decided the whole background looked too dark, so I trimmed it before assembling the card. 

I layered with Pure Luxury Black and Passionate Pink and used a white card base.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you have a wonderful day!


Deb said...

I think it is gorgeous! No torture involved! LOL!

Tammie E said...

I like it...didn't even have to squint!

Tina Gilliland said...

Well now... I think it's funky cool!!! LOL Very nice... nothing hurts when I look at it! LOL

Karen (TLgirl353) said...

I think it's cool! No pain, no squinting involved! Can you show us a REALLY bad one- just for yucks?

Carolyn King said...

sigh...girl. This would be a MASTERPEICE if I did it. I love the great colors of it! I don't believe that you have ever made a bad card.

Thanks for commenting on the Echo Park blog today too. Xo

Melanie said...

hey wehere'd all the purple go?? Well, it would have looked great either way...look who made it!!