Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy Camper Tip Sheet

I love the way Melanie always makes a tip sheet to go with her stamps and decided to give it a go myself for my new set, Happy Camper. Here is a list of ideas and suggestions that I have come up with so far. Some are my own ideas and some are from projects that Gina K Design Team and Customers have come up with. If you have any ideas you would like to share, please leave me a comment.

The Sign

Most of the sentiments in this set were designed to fit in the sign.

Stamp "Happy Birthday" on the sign for the card front and then stamp "and many s'more'' on the inside of the card.

The Ceclia Thaxter quote will fit if it you leave off her name.

Most of the sentiments from Out West will also work in the sign.

Use sentiments from other Gina K stamp sets and place them on the sign.

The Tiny Lantern and Cookstove

These were designed to be “placed”on the picnic table if desired. Just stamp either or both small images, mask them and then stamp the picnic table.

Use them to decorate the back of your envelope.

Stamp in an irregular pattern to create a themed background paper.

Stamp in a row to create a border along the side or bottom of a card/page.

The small lantern can be used inside the tent like on this card my mom made.

The Lantern

The large lantern can be used as a focal image, or part of a scene.

It works great with some of the stamps from Winter Foliage as seen in the card above.

Use the lantern with the saddle and boots from Out West for a montage of outdoorsy images.

The Fish and Raccoon

The fish can be used to make a wonderful background or border. Check out this sample by Melanie for an example of a wonderful fish background.

You can stamp a group of fish on a line like in this sample by my mom. She also used the fishing pole from Rupa's King of the Grill set.

Make a stick pole using a small twig and some twine. Check out Melanie's sample again.

The raccoon can go fishing using a twig pole or do it the old fashioned way by swiping one right out of the river. If he is sneaky, he could even steal a fish from a bunch that strung up and hanging from the sign.

The Campfire and Marshmellow Stick

The campfire pit can be unlit during the day, or colored to look like there is a fire going.

The marshmellow stick can be propped up over the campfire or stamped as the main focal image, like on this wonderful s'mores gift box that Gina made.

Ink up the stick, leaving one part of the fork un-inked and put a fish on the end, to roast that over the fire.

Have the raccoon roast marshmellows or fish over the fire.

The Mountain Scene

The mountain stamp can be used to build a camping scene, or be used by itself.

You can stamp it more than once to create a mountain range on a horizontal shaped card.

Use it with images from Out West for a rugged cowboy card.

Use the mirror image technique to make it into a lake scene.

Combine it with other Gina K nature sets like Tree Silhouettes, Autumn Leaves and Winter Foliage.

Most of the images from Asela's new stamp set, The Journey, will work beautifully with the mountain to create a gorgeous scene.

Pull out your Christmas stamps and get started on those cards. The mountain stamp would make a wonderful winter scene all by itself, but will work beautifully with many of Gina's Christmas, Winter sets.

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lindal said...

Theresa this is fantastic. Thanks so much for all the great ideas and links. I had so much fun with my stamps today. I love the mountain range. Thanks for the directions on making a mirror image. I can't wait to try it out.

Stampin' Pam said...

Theresa I am so glad you decided to do a tip sheet! Gina may have mentioned to you that I asked her about them - I LOVE it when designers (and others) share ideas that can be put together in once place. You have some great ideas here and some great sample cards. I am still needing to color the card where I did the lantern and cookstove on the table. (so many ideas so little time).

Thanks for doing this - it's great and this card is going right into my masculine cased file! I LOVE IT ALL.

Stampin' Pam said...

I need to search for where you show how to create the reflections.... since I am totally in love with the mountain range stamp.

6 wacky women said...

Fabulous card, Theresa.
I just love your background, fabulous details on the light and tent. Stunning!!

Karen x

Sandra said...

love your work!
Thanks for the tips!

Yvette said...

Wow Theresa! Your card is AMAZING and so is the Happy Camper set you designed! This set is at the top of my list!!!

mochamama said...

This is an awesome card!

Lori said...

I'm not a big camper myself, but your card is beautiful. I wish everyone would do a tip sheet, yours is great! I may have to get this set just cause it's so darn versatile!

Carla said...

The coloring here is spectacular, as always!! The tips are wonderful! I don't have your new set yet, but it's on my ultra long GKD wish list!!! You did a wonderful job on it!

Elena said...

Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and links! Your card is beautiful!

Deb Neerman said...

OMIGOSH, Theresa, I think this card is my absolute favorite from this release!!! I just love the elegant simplicity of it ... I'm soooooooo gonna CASE it!

Ya know, I can see using this scene for Christmas cards ... !