Thursday, August 30, 2007

Quality Craft Packaging

Once you’ve created a terrific craft the next important step prior to marketing is packaging. Don’t underestimate the value of packaging. It can boost sales and generate repeat business.

Have you ever received a so so gift that was beautifully wrapped? How about a pretty cool gift that was wrapped in newspaper or a cut up paper bag? Something that is wrapped beautifully predisposes the receiver to think whatever is inside is wonderful, while the opposite occurs if it is poorly wrapped.

Quality craft packaging for your products increases their perceived value, and overall desirability to customers. Using attractive packaging for your craft products also creates an impression of professionalism and reliability for your business. By packaging your craft products in an attractive and unique manner, you are telling your customer that your care about your product and them. This will inspire customer loyalty which results in repeat business.

The use of some ribbon or a decorative bag can turn a simple pillar candle into an upscale one of a kind work of art. Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but it gets the point across that a nicely wrapped craft product is more valuable to a customer that one that is left undressed.

Don’t forget holidays. Holidays provide the perfect time to sell your craft products. Package them accordingly. Your customers will love it if you wrap their purchase so beautifully that they don’t have to wrap their gifts themselves. You could even offer “deluxe gift wrapping” for an additional charge. Have materials prepared in advance for Fall/Thanksgiving, Christmas/Winter, Valentines Day, Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day and summer.

Despite all this advice about beautiful packaging, you should try to keep your costs down in this area. Look for discount ribbons and accessories. Try shopping after the holidays to pick up supplies for the following year. Buy in bulk and split the cost with other crafters. Use your scraps if you have them to make your packaging coordinate with your craft.

Consider the packaging of your craft products as part of your overall product and the result will be positive.

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